Pitcher Perfect

Because the best pitches are created over pitchers

This is your unique chance to build the essential buzz around your startup idea, form connections as well as meet potential investors and mentors.

Winning matters. Of course.

But this opportunity goes beyond winning or losing as over 1k blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts and investors from across the globe will get to know about your brilliant idea!

What are the judges looking for?

Ingeniousness, originality of idea, quality of pitch, long term potential and social impact. Whatever you are working on- a decentralised ledger, a smart contract application, security & privacy, digital assets or any other innovation, we would love to know more about the idea.

Who can apply?

If you’ve been working to bring a revolution with the most disruptive technology, then you are at the right place. We just have one condition- Please be awesome!

Important Information

Applications Open: 1st SEPTEMBER 2018

Applications Deadline: 15 OCTOBER 2018

Finale: 22 OCTOBER 2018

Award: 100k in Prizes

We know you have it in you to make it big! Apply here and prove your worth.

Apply Now!